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Principal Designer and Owner of J.Lackey Interiors, Jenni loves the challenge of creating a space unique to every client. With a degree in Interior Design, she credits her love of travel and experience as an International Flight Attendant to her flavorful style. 


Seeking out the local art scene and the culture of her favorite cities, her adventures are an integral, influential part of her design. Deemed as “the noticer”, Jenni loves to create a clean, handsome look by mixing old and new pieces to create a space that speaks to you. She believes that art and nature are key to creating an inviting space. 


When searching for pieces, whether flea market finds or a timeless antique, she doesn’t always have a specific spot in mind. But when she knows the right place, it will find it’s way into a client’s home. 


Jenni works very closely with her clients, developing relationships with them, so she can bring out their personalities to develop an organic, artfully detailed home.

To keep up with the latest happenings and most recent work, follow her on Instagram @j.lackeyinteriors 


Rachel Beavers joined the J.Lackey Interiors in 2017. As the Operational Manager, she isresponsible for keeping the day-to-day operations moving smoothly throughout each client's project.


Rachel wears many hats in this process, and Jenni will tell you she couldn't keep the pace without the help of Rachel. Her previous

work experience includes 12 years of PR and Marketing

for Capitol Records/EMI CMG.

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